Varg, born out of longing for the authentic Scandinavian emotion Yearning for functional clothes for the adventures of life. Careful and respectful of our environment. The mix between the rugged sporty and clearly Scandinavian design makes Varg unique.
Winter headband

Winter headband


Winter wool headband with knitted Varg pattern and a soft flecce lining. Produced by Swedish Sätila.

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Fabric in this product absorbs and releases moisture quickly, thus allowing the material to ”breathe” A breathable fabric follow the body thermostat.


Wool fiber follows the changes in body temperature, keeping you warm when needed and cool when the weather is hot. The natural fiber is also odor resistant resulting in less washing and keeping product fresh. Our recycled wool from Italy is a favorite quality among Varg consumers.


Fabrics and isolation in this product will keep you warm in windy conditions. When the wind blow the cooling effect is significantly higher compared to calm weather, so have a look outside before deciding what to wear.

Soft to skin

The material in this product is specially selected to be as soft to the body as possible.

Product information

Weight:  0,1kg
Fabric:  50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100% fleece polyester lining
Isolation:  100% fleece polyester lining
Made in: Poland