Varg, born out of longing for the authentic Scandinavian emotion Yearning for functional clothes for the adventures of life. Careful and respectful of our environment. The mix between the rugged sporty and clearly Scandinavian design makes Varg unique.
M Snöå Beanie

M Snöå Beanie


Snöå beanie is a soft thick rib-stich beanie made of 50% recycled polyester with an embroidered Varg badge on the turn up.

-One Size


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Fabric in this product absorbs and releases moisture quickly, thus allowing the material to ”breathe” A breathable fabric follow the body thermostat.


In our opinon one way of reducing the impact on the environment is to make products out of recycled fabrics. We work with high quality fabrics from suppliers that work hard with sustainability issues. Our wool program is made out of 65% recycled wool.

Soft to skin

The material in this product is specially selected to be as soft to the body as possible.